Move Like You Love Your Body


Move like you love your body
Like it is one of the greatest gifts that you have received
Move like you delight in every inch of your corporeal self
And like you cannot wait to share this exquisite treasure

Move like you love your body
Nurture it with gratitude for its ability to tell the truth
About everything it has ever experienced
And about its insights regarding current situations
Move in a way that bestows honour upon your body
For highlighting your path to authenticity

Move like you love your body
This physical form that connects you with the diversity of creation
Step into wonder and touch
Be surprised by textures and intuitions
As your interactions with the reality pulsating all around you
Heighten the intensity of the landscapes patterning your soul

Move like you love your body
Feel your sensuality swelling effortlessly from within
Adorning and caressing the entire covering of your skin
Flowing naturally and unrestrained
Receptive to the pleasure you crave

Move like you love your body
Such a life-affirming counter-cultural expression
Move like you love your body
This conduit for bestowing and accepting affection
Move like you love your body
Be an advocate for the jaw-dropping miracle that it is

Move like you love your body
Move like you love yourself


Thoughts to Hold Onto Each Day

look for God – especially in the unexpected places
look for surprises from Jesus
play as much as possible
drink in deeply
what is life-giving to me
what is my voice – what is not my voice
I like my voice
I like my body
don’t look for a loaf of bread in a hardware store
it’s O.K. to be right where I am
trust my instincts
fully alive to each moment
cultivate happiness – choose happiness
brisk walking gets endorphins flowing
write down my thoughts – get them out of my body
keep experimenting
it doesn’t have to be perfect
go where you are wanted and do what works
listen to what my body is telling me
a vacation from fear
trust that I am beautiful