When the Emperor (and his Followers) Become Dangerous

We live in an age
of The Emperor’s New Clothes
only this time
the play is all-too-real
and if you dare to say
“Hey, the Emperor is naked!”
you could get arrested for that!


Honey from His Lips


“Do not weep for Me;
weep instead for yourselves and for your children”
In the midst of His anguish
honey poured from His lips

“Behold your Mother” and
“Father, forgive them,
they know not what they do”
While being ravaged by death
honey poured from His lips

We threw at Him
everything that we had
We tore His flesh
clawed at the blood
pinned Him down
and mocked His name

And honey
only honey
poured from His lips

“But Israel I would feed with finest wheat
and fill them with honey from the rock”
We deserved death
but were given Sustenance
Sustenance sweetened
with honey

* See Luke 23: 27 – 31 NAB
** See John 19:26 – 27 NAB
*** See Luke 23: 34 NAB
**** See Psalm 81:17 NAB