“Who Do You Say That I Am?”


Who do you say that I am:
someone who holds you back,
or the encouragement that calls you forth?

Who do you say that I am:
the condemnation in the eyes of some who claim to know me,
or a lover who is dazzled by your entire being?

Who do you say that I am:
a set of formulas that can be confined to rigid boxes,
or a person who breathes freely in areas you are only beginning to imagine?

Do not sidestep the question
because who you say that I am
has a direct correlation
with who you say that you are
and with the options that you are able to perceive
for what you might become.


Today’s Wisdom


Embrace your own story
Be the lead character in the utterly dynamic fairytale
you are creating together with the King

Trust yourself
Begin at this point, even if you make mistakes

Don’t apologize for having to cauterize your own wounds
It’s not worth bleeding out
and there is no obligation to justify this
to anyone who opposes it

Dragons are not butterflies
They will not transform
and seeking love, understanding, and truth from them
will only leave you scorched

Honour all the people you once were
living inside of you still
Believe them, enough to stand your ground
They are credible witnesses

When your heart, intellect, and instincts are at odds
with your instincts blocking the paths that the others propose
that means something
Defer to your instincts

Read the language of your body
Protect it
Your body doesn’t lie
Abide by its wisdom

The Purpose of Cocoons


He doesn’t want legions of mindless robots
operating in binary code (to do His Will or not)
grey and flat
without vigor

So He doesn’t always make His hopes clear

We have to struggle
pierce the resistance to glimpse the Light
and then doubt if the experiences were actually real

We have to be crushed
yet keep pushing forward

With decades of prolonged agony
it can all seem quite cruel

But in the darkness
where we feel so much in our sightless states
our colours are becoming brighter
our rough edges are being smoothed and sharpened
our struggles with God’s dreams are co-creating
something never before imagined
something unrepeatable

we will emerge in our true forms
as butterflies
but not like any creatures we have seen on Earth
for we will be butterflies
decorated with diamonds

And when we fly skyward
toward our long-awaited homeland
we will reflect the Light
with our facets uniquely constructed
to amplify our colours
and from this point on
when we give and receive love
it will be without barriers or limitations


Thoughts to Hold Onto Each Day

look for God – especially in the unexpected places
look for surprises from Jesus
play as much as possible
drink in deeply
what is life-giving to me
what is my voice – what is not my voice
I like my voice
I like my body
don’t look for a loaf of bread in a hardware store
it’s O.K. to be right where I am
trust my instincts
fully alive to each moment
cultivate happiness – choose happiness
brisk walking gets endorphins flowing
write down my thoughts – get them out of my body
keep experimenting
it doesn’t have to be perfect
go where you are wanted and do what works
listen to what my body is telling me
a vacation from fear
trust that I am beautiful



with a complexity of patterns
pausing for you to contemplate
and then changing
sometimes with a slight shift
sometimes in a dramatic disruption
demanding your focus
your engagement
it is impossible to remain unaltered
the colours speak to you
and then realign
you can close your eyes
but not for long
as the key to your internal survival
is choosing to behold the Light
and perceiving how it enlivens the colours
you must seek out the Beauty
step forth into Wonder
even if what initially appears as chaos
breaks your heart

Active & Receptive Creativity


A musician
draws forth from within himself
gives expression
through sound
and engages with what he has manifested

I recognize beauty
draw it into myself
allow it to take up residence in my heart
and engage with it

The musician and I
participate in
the breathing of creativity
its inhaling
its exhaling
wonder inside of us
wonder all around us
by allowing it to grow


sucked into the vortex

of swirling insanity

People who I deeply care about have been bullied in their workplaces and in their families.  I have witnessed my loved ones’ self-confidence and sense of who they are become fractured.  Just over a week ago, I realized that I had under-estimated the power that the bullies have been able to wield.  Their actions have had devastating results.

I feel everything intensely.  And, because of my health conditions, I not only feel things in my heart and soul, but also throughout my mind and body.

It has been a constant struggle to hold onto the Light when I feel myself being touched by darkness and confusion.  Like those being bullied, I, too, need to hold onto my sense of self and the codes by which I have chosen to live.

In a previous post, I wrote about a list of words that I mentally go through each morning before I get out of bed.  These words are especially important to me now: fluidity, dancer, creativity, sensual, instinctive, intuitive, inclusivity, fascination, wonder, delight, connection, perception;  perception over judgment.

I cannot stop people from bullying.  I can, however, bring comfort and encouragement to their victims.  And I can choose the values upon which I will base my own actions.

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