Texas Wildflowers - Indian Blanket in a field of Bluebonnets

embracing her natural state of joy and passionate abandon
a wildflower dancing in the wind
blossoming in uninhibited fields of unconventionality
and scattering seeds in places
where only she dares to know
that life can take hold


The Dreamer


He is a Dreamer
conceptualizing mysteries
with a single Word to make them real
dimensions, quantum physics, time
spinning galaxies
and colours
oh, the colours!
all infused with Love
for the endless pleasure of Beauty

He dreams
and calls forth an explosion of Life
lavish and abundant
interacting and evolving
relationships blended with Wonder

He revels in it all

The pinnacles of His creations
His betrothed ones
begin to dream dreams
but frightened
they crush them in tightening fists
stuff them into rigid compartments
selling out for the illusion of control

Unable to bear the Dreamer
outside of their self-constructed little boxes
they tear Him asunder
pin Him down
pierce His mind
and ravage His heart
in vain attempts to make Him fit

But the Dreamer is too far-reaching
to remain entombed
He bursts free
a tsunami of Mercy rushing everywhere

Refusing retaliation
He models for His betrothed ones
the way out of their self-made cages
and invites them to dream with Him
into fields of communion
and dazzling possibilities

Some of them respond…

Passage of the Storm

the landscape never desires the storm
and yet this destructive force pounces, uninvited
its fury seemingly unable to be spent
uprooting ancient traditions of trees
hurling away gathered treasures
decimating budding flowers
all while voiding the world of colour and imagination



a period of mourning ensues

and yet encoded in the DNA of Life
is its inability to be entirely destroyed
along with an activation key
for transformation

this begins reflexively
in intermittent, gasping breaths
eventually in growing defiance of what has been ravaged
building momentum
until it looks around and sees
that the storm has smoothed away rough edges
sharpened what was yet untried
unearthed previously unknown gems
and enriched the soil with deposited nutrients

although always wistful of its pre-storm state
the land intuits that this is ever-living in the Memory of Time
and lays claim to what it was, what it is, and to what it can become

fortified with a deepening awareness
life surges for the thrill of its own glory and expansion
fashioning complexity upon complexity
the re-formed landscape valiantly acknowledging its place
in the continuously unfolding
Story of the Universe

Infusion for the Battle-Weary

Battle-weary and worn
suspicious from memories
where enthusiastic starts were beaten down
locking the posture into a distortion
that has become the norm

But all is not lost
not everything is forsaken
previous fires can be lit again
and new ones can flare into being

Not ignoring the dragons
not closing eyes to bombed-out landscapes
otherwise it wouldn’t be Courage

It is time to hope again
time for latching on in ever-expansive ways
drawing strength from the Sun
and daring to shine even the dark and barren places

It doesn’t have to be perfect
in fact, it won’t be perfect
but openness is itself a victory

The spinal column will be aligned
standing tall with head held high
so that flowers of every hue can be scattered
and even if they don’t take root
no one will be able to argue out of existence
the fragrance of the petals

Present, Without Boundaries

Emmanuel – God is with us
in the chaos, in the mess
in the rejection and in the hurt

Emmanuel – God is with us
in the tenderness, in the touch
in the laughter and in the hope

Emmanuel – God is with us
in the colours and in the storm
in the waiting and in the rush
in the dreams and in the mundane
wherever you are, take comfort, dear one
Emmanuel – God is with us