Balm from Heaven: A Restoration of Our Personhood


amidst the dismantling of the human form
the feminine emerges from Heaven
emanating God’s beauty and light
bringing healing and restoration
to those tattered in the war upon persons
calling forth authentic masculinity and femininity
to unite in a prolific celebration
for the completion our purpose




a lazy morning
where time is suspended
safe in his love
skin against skin
a glimpse of heaven
in our earthly forms

Of Origins and Destiny


I have recently learned
that each atom
every element
in our bodies
was crafted
in the Stars
that means that we are all
walking around
orbiting each other
succumbing to gravitational pulls
engaging in fusion
explosive dynamics
birthing creativity
and rest
all the while
of who we were
and of that lustrous playground
the Star-Fields
which await the arrival
of who we will become

Dance Into the Light

The past few months have been pretty rough.  I am living in a time of uncertainty.  Also, I have witnessed people being outrageously cruel.  This is nearly impossible for me to process.  It has also been bringing up a lot of past trauma.  And it has been zapping much of my creativity.

My husband & I have been borrowing CDs from the library.  The latest one we have borrowed is “Hits” by Phil Collins.  On it is a song I had never heard before:  Dance Into the Light.  I cannot get enough of this song.  It makes me feel so ALIVE.  Here are some of my favourite lines:

“There’ll be no more hiding in the shadows of the Earth

There’ll be no more chains to hold you…

And there are no walls with Freedom…

Come dance with me

C’mon and dance into the Light”

I mean, does that not sound like HEAVEN???  I can just picture Jesus singing these words to me.  I am convinced that Jesus is a lot more fun and romantic than most people imagine Him to be, and I think that Heaven is way cooler than even the most creative people have been able to guess.

Eventually everyone in Heaven will get new bodies.  Well, we must get to use them, right?  I cannot wait to explore galaxies, dance, breathe under water, touch, and be touched.

In Heaven, all broken relationships will be healed.  We will all delight in each other.  I hold onto this thought, especially when I am feeling most hurt.

So, amidst the trials of this present time, I am remembering that there is still Light, and I am remembering to seek it out.  Also, I am taking chances.  I am 40 years old and in poor health, but I took a risk and  discovered that I can do cartwheels again!  This has totally thrilled me.  Sometimes it just takes a little courage to break through walls…  🙂

In the Rays of the Revealing

We are
each of us
born onto a battleground
sent tumbling
amidst powers
beyond our understanding
and blinded by
the debris kicked up
in the disorienting struggle

But sometimes
the Light breaks through
infusing us
with strength
navigational bearings
revealing that
within the machinery
of the war zone itself
is the ultimate mission
of the Light
to forge us into saints

Earth is not our home