The Launching


Traveling a path she has already begun
Deepening the grooves and widening the arcs
Branching out and pulling in
A quickening in the pulses of momentum
Preparing to launch herself to where there is no longer road
Preparing to catch fire and soar


Untamed Invitation


He calls to you
outside of the rusty gates of your preconceptions
beyond brittle boundaries lodged for generations

He asks you
to meet Him in the vast expanse of your heart
in dreamy star fields of possibilities

He invites you
to come forth into uncharted adventures
laced with dragons and rescuing and unimaginable wonders
speckled with the mundane and the cloaked
but always
advancing into the wild
where you can both
breathe freely

Energetic Collision

The past superimposes on the present
bringing with it all the fire and passion that my wild veins can handle
burning up lies that have been told and boundaries that have been imposed
fuelling the firestorm of rebirth

Creating With Colour


colour outside of the lines
use the boundaries as reference points
and then blur right past them
as you stretch into the great unknown
while your lasting imprints
trail gloriously behind you


trace over the lines with a thick black marker
then fill the interiors
with the most vibrant of hues
to highlight the contrasts
sharpen the focus
allowing the blaze of rich colours to draw you into
deeper, more intense realms

regardless of your choice
to take flight from your original setting
or to remain and explore profound meanings
you are refusing to accept the pattern as it is presented
refusing to accept that a mere skeleton is all that is
or all that could be
and as you take risks in crafting what can be seen
you are simultaneously enhancing
the variegated dimensions of your spirit

Tossed About

A wish is made
a breath is blown
and like dandelion seeds
we are tossed about invisible currents
of neurochemicals
changes in barometric pressure
sunlight and moonlight
alongside people who can spin us around
without a moment’s notice

Will we remember the wish
the initial burst of inspiration
Will we root and transform
and metamorphose enough to launch new dreams
Or will we keep drifting
captive passengers flung by breezes
but still beholding wonders
we had never imagined