Texas Wildflowers - Indian Blanket in a field of Bluebonnets

embracing her natural state of joy and passionate abandon
a wildflower dancing in the wind
blossoming in uninhibited fields of unconventionality
and scattering seeds in places
where only she dares to know
that life can take hold




It’s O.K.
I don’t have to keep trying to save them

It’s O.K.
They’re adults and they have made their own decisions

It’s O.K.
I believe the girl I was once was and I will protect her

It’s O.K.
I don’t have to be stuck in analyzing death when there is so much life calling to me

It’s O.K.
I am free to create

It’s O.K.
I am free to give and to embrace and to live passionately from my heart

It’s O.K.
I am free to be me

Whose Voice?

A metallic chain with an explosed link.

Whose voice will you give authority to speak into your life?
Who will you believe?
Whose voice will you allow to detail your identity?
Or assign value to your worth?

Have you chosen wisely?
Have you chosen well?
Are you blossoming like a flower?
Or withering to the ground?

Are they speaking Truth to you?
Or are they telling lies?
Are you being nourished?
Or paralyzed by poison lodged within your veins?

Whose voice will you give authority to speak into your life?
Who will you believe?
Do you need to change direction?
Do you need to be set free?

The Absurdity of Trying to Turn Circles Into Squares

It amazes me
that I ever let people try to squeeze me into
plain boxes
when my thinking
is colour-drenched and freely

Cubes can’t float
or change their form
but bubbles of feelings, perceptions, dreams

The Courageous and Perpetual Choice of Freedom

The door of the cage is open
the broad expanse of the world
suddenly visible without bars
but after decades of the “normalcy” of captivity
will she give herself permission to fly free
or will she keep returning again and again
a boomerang
conditioned to fasten shackles to her own soul