Untamed Invitation


He calls to you
outside of the rusty gates of your preconceptions
beyond brittle boundaries lodged for generations

He asks you
to meet Him in the vast expanse of your heart
in dreamy star fields of possibilities

He invites you
to come forth into uncharted adventures
laced with dragons and rescuing and unimaginable wonders
speckled with the mundane and the cloaked
but always
advancing into the wild
where you can both
breathe freely


Today’s Wisdom


Embrace your own story
Be the lead character in the utterly dynamic fairytale
you are creating together with the King

Trust yourself
Begin at this point, even if you make mistakes

Don’t apologize for having to cauterize your own wounds
It’s not worth bleeding out
and there is no obligation to justify this
to anyone who opposes it

Dragons are not butterflies
They will not transform
and seeking love, understanding, and truth from them
will only leave you scorched

Honour all the people you once were
living inside of you still
Believe them, enough to stand your ground
They are credible witnesses

When your heart, intellect, and instincts are at odds
with your instincts blocking the paths that the others propose
that means something
Defer to your instincts

Read the language of your body
Protect it
Your body doesn’t lie
Abide by its wisdom

Necessary Heroine


no princess ever wants to slay her own dragons
but sometimes a princess needs to rise up
rescue herself
and get on with her own adventure

suck it, dragons!

Ousting Dragons as Lead Characters of Your Story

Dragons can steal
but they can’t create

Dragons can destroy
but they cannot heal

Frogs may turn into Princes
but Dragons will never turn into Lambs

So don’t go looking for love from Dragons


Make friends with the One Who has the power to create
Make friends with the One Who bleeds to heal
Make friends with the One Who is all about love

He has empowered you with a kingdom
Invite Him in

Shelter the people by showering them with affection
Protect yourself by nullifying the Dragons’ lies
Beautify your landscapes by embracing Wonder
Expand your borders by braving new adventures

You cannot eradicate the Dragons
And you’re helpless to undo what they’ve done
But you can choose
And united with the True King
You can claim your rightful place
And redirect the continuation of the Story

Those Impossible Dragons!

soaring shamelessly overhead in broad daylight
intimidating you into cringing beneath their shadows
diminishing you by their super-inflations

They have stolen from you
withheld necessities from you
are hoarding your treasures in dark caves
and obscuring them in the stench of their exhalations

Again and again you have braved the darkness
born scars from the violence of their flames
convinced yourself that it will be different next time
that you will be stronger
that you can somehow, skillfully, wield the Sword of Reason
that the dragons will grow hearts
and be transformed

But these sorcerous beasts
have the power to bend reality
within the domains of their labyrinths
those crafted snares that you step into
and the circulating rumour of soft dragon bellies
has proven to be a myth

a moment of clarity will emerge
a gift from another dimension
a most wondrous and mystical jewel
it will alight upon your forehead
imprint its essence upon your consciousness
before dissolving back into its home realm

And you will see
the price you have paid in fighting for what was rightfully yours
And you will see
that you have exhausted all of your options
And you will see
that you are not as forlorn or as destitute as you once thought
And you will choose to simply stop
engaging with those dragons

Then with all of that energy
freed for redirection
you will discover your ability
to co-author your own fairytale
and to perceive treasures scattered all around you
that you never even knew existed

And those dragons?
It turns out that they have been feeding upon your anguish
upon your awe and your fear
so without the stream of your life-force
flowing in their directions
they will shrink, weaken, and fade
and retreat into their labyrinths
the only places where they can shift their realities
and imagine themselves
to be the shining stars of their own illusions

And that is the closest you will ever come
to successfully defeating
those impossible dragons!