Colours of Transition


When I felt the first shift of perimenopause
my favourite colours became Silver and Deep Purple
Silver called to me like the moon
mystical and feminine with the elusive majesty
of light sparkling on snow-covered ground
While Deep Purple spoke to me of my rich sexual life
my intensified drive for life-giving expressions

In the energetic midst of perimenopause
my favourite colour burst forth as Orange
like the flames of hot flashes and emotions
that burned over me and through me
all with a thrust towards happiness

With the full emergence into menopause
my thoughts are consumed with images of Pink rose petals
Resting in my innate loveliness
My attention effortlessly drawn to beauty
As I yield to the elixir of romance


Not Colour Blind

I can see the difference between blue and green
No amount of coercion will change my ability to recognize this
It’s so basic that I don’t even have to think about it
Blue and green are not the same colour
Nor are they interchangeable
Blue is not green and
Green is not blue
It matters
And closing my eyes to these distinctions is not an option