Those Impossible Dragons!

soaring shamelessly overhead in broad daylight
intimidating you into cringing beneath their shadows
diminishing you by their super-inflations

They have stolen from you
withheld necessities from you
are hoarding your treasures in dark caves
and obscuring them in the stench of their exhalations

Again and again you have braved the darkness
born scars from the violence of their flames
convinced yourself that it will be different next time
that you will be stronger
that you can somehow, skillfully, wield the Sword of Reason
that the dragons will grow hearts
and be transformed

But these sorcerous beasts
have the power to bend reality
within the domains of their labyrinths
those crafted snares that you step into
and the circulating rumour of soft dragon bellies
has proven to be a myth

a moment of clarity will emerge
a gift from another dimension
a most wondrous and mystical jewel
it will alight upon your forehead
imprint its essence upon your consciousness
before dissolving back into its home realm

And you will see
the price you have paid in fighting for what was rightfully yours
And you will see
that you have exhausted all of your options
And you will see
that you are not as forlorn or as destitute as you once thought
And you will choose to simply stop
engaging with those dragons

Then with all of that energy
freed for redirection
you will discover your ability
to co-author your own fairytale
and to perceive treasures scattered all around you
that you never even knew existed

And those dragons?
It turns out that they have been feeding upon your anguish
upon your awe and your fear
so without the stream of your life-force
flowing in their directions
they will shrink, weaken, and fade
and retreat into their labyrinths
the only places where they can shift their realities
and imagine themselves
to be the shining stars of their own illusions

And that is the closest you will ever come
to successfully defeating
those impossible dragons!


Out of the Ashes of Bullying: Phoenix Rising

The light in their eyes was distorted
so they thought your colours were too bright
Their ears were attuned to discordance
so your song unhinged their nerves
Their taste buds were heavily coated with saccharine
so your spiciness was violently spat out
Their skin bore the callouses of fruitless tasks
so they resented how sensitive you could be
And their spirits were imprisoned in cubicles
so they loathed the sky you could see

They had to quell their displeasure
never thinking the problem was them
They had to remove their annoyance
and so the Reconstruction Project began

First they attacked your unmatchable radiance
insisted you were all out-of-sorts
They draped you in the drabbest of colours
with many layers to mask all your worth

Next they targeted your music
especially your signature laugh
They proclaimed that your words were all wasteful
and told others not to give you a chance

They starved you of human affection
and fed you a cocktail of lies
They spewed forth all the sludge that was in them
and used it to muffle your cries

Like a bird overwhelmed in an oil spill
you floundered over which way to turn
The ooze stole the air from each pore of your flesh
while the weight of it crushed all your bones
You thought that the toxins were part of you
lost all sense of who you once were
You felt your soul dying inside of you
as your reference points slid into a blur

You don’t know how long that you lay there
in the space between existence and death
You only knew you were different
in that place of unattainable rest

The Divine who never had left you
placed his spark in the core of your heart
He asked you to merge yourself with it
and it became the only light in your dark

The glow of that light began increasing
and slowly an awareness emerged
You saw everything they had done to you
and the treasures they had squandered away
You perceived the cage wrapped tight all around you
and felt repulsed by the stench of decay

The wildness in you revolted
it thrashed and it bit and it lurched
It kicked and it screamed and it struggled
and it fed from that spark that now blazed
Your upheaval ignited the poison
which exploded in the heat of your rage

The eruption propelled you high upward
while you shrieked in the victory of birth
The toxins became the fuel you would burn
on your journey to all you could be
You drew clearest air deep inside of your lungs
felt your lifeblood infusing each cell
Your colours were sharper than ever
as you soared forth from your personal hell

The sky opened up all around you
and possibilities danced in your eyes
Your instincts were heightened like never before
making you primal, creative, and bold
You could never go back to the abuse they had hurled
or submit to the shape of their mold

Your heart was expanding within you
and your compassion enabled you to see
There were others who were victims like you were
and you felt stirred to help them fly free

Glorious as you are and shining
there are scars that will always remain
All the words and the actions that pierced you
are now marked as passages to your inner domain

Those bullies could never perceive you
and they cannot see you even now
There is nothing you could do that would please them
as they are earthbound, restricted, and small
You do not have to keep your gaze fixated on them
and you no longer have to be where they are
So hold your head high and look upwards
for your destiny lies with the stars


sucked into the vortex

of swirling insanity

People who I deeply care about have been bullied in their workplaces and in their families.  I have witnessed my loved ones’ self-confidence and sense of who they are become fractured.  Just over a week ago, I realized that I had under-estimated the power that the bullies have been able to wield.  Their actions have had devastating results.

I feel everything intensely.  And, because of my health conditions, I not only feel things in my heart and soul, but also throughout my mind and body.

It has been a constant struggle to hold onto the Light when I feel myself being touched by darkness and confusion.  Like those being bullied, I, too, need to hold onto my sense of self and the codes by which I have chosen to live.

In a previous post, I wrote about a list of words that I mentally go through each morning before I get out of bed.  These words are especially important to me now: fluidity, dancer, creativity, sensual, instinctive, intuitive, inclusivity, fascination, wonder, delight, connection, perception;  perception over judgment.

I cannot stop people from bullying.  I can, however, bring comfort and encouragement to their victims.  And I can choose the values upon which I will base my own actions.