Seeking My Father


If the man who raised me
the man who starved me
who was ashamed to acknowledge me as his daughter
and failed me in his brokenness
is not my real father
and God is
then I need to discover the identity of God the Father
and what that means
in terms of who I am

He is the Father of Lights
the Generator of Poetry
He is strong and protective
perceptive of my feminine heart
He has no wish to harm me
He feeds me with the best of all Food
His voice resonates through the quantum fields of my being
He is good
He is the Author of Life
He loves me with a fierce tenderness

And I am His daughter
I come from Him
which means that my worth
and my identity
flow from my true Father


“Who Do You Say That I Am?”


Who do you say that I am:
someone who holds you back,
or the encouragement that calls you forth?

Who do you say that I am:
the condemnation in the eyes of some who claim to know me,
or a lover who is dazzled by your entire being?

Who do you say that I am:
a set of formulas that can be confined to rigid boxes,
or a person who breathes freely in areas you are only beginning to imagine?

Do not sidestep the question
because who you say that I am
has a direct correlation
with who you say that you are
and with the options that you are able to perceive
for what you might become.

Litany of St. Veronica, Woman of Courage and Love


St. Veronica, you moved forward while others held back,
help me to take risks even if it means standing alone.

St. Veronica, you used what you had,
help me to be aware that I do not need to wait to creatively make a difference.

St. Veronica, you risked being shamed when you removed your veil,
help me to know when to discard traditions that no longer uphold human dignity.

St. Veronica, you saw with your heart and followed it even though this was in contradiction with the views of the public,
help me to look beneath the surface and to trust my instincts.

St. Veronica, you dropped your defences and stepped into someone else’s pain,
help me to leave my comfort zones and to be truly present to others.

St. Veronica, you touched Jesus in an intimate manner,
help me to use my body as a conduit for expressing tenderness and love.

St. Veronica, you carried an icon of Jesus with you after your encounter,
help me to recognize when I have been imprinted with the echo of a sacred moment.


the law and the prophets
converging as one
a culmination untarnished by severing
constructs with dreaming
form with transcendence
held in fulfillment

thorns piercing His head
the epicenter of reason and logic
a crown of thorns encircling His heart
the powerhouse of love and emotions
left hemisphere and right hemisphere
justice and mercy
pulsing in perfect synchronization
bleeding inexhaustibly

the unstained full range of humanity
the entirety of unfathomable godhood
all that was
all that is
and all that could be
alive and fusing
in the Person of Jesus

The Dreamer


He is a Dreamer
conceptualizing mysteries
with a single Word to make them real
dimensions, quantum physics, time
spinning galaxies
and colours
oh, the colours!
all infused with Love
for the endless pleasure of Beauty

He dreams
and calls forth an explosion of Life
lavish and abundant
interacting and evolving
relationships blended with Wonder

He revels in it all

The pinnacles of His creations
His betrothed ones
begin to dream dreams
but frightened
they crush them in tightening fists
stuff them into rigid compartments
selling out for the illusion of control

Unable to bear the Dreamer
outside of their self-constructed little boxes
they tear Him asunder
pin Him down
pierce His mind
and ravage His heart
in vain attempts to make Him fit

But the Dreamer is too far-reaching
to remain entombed
He bursts free
a tsunami of Mercy rushing everywhere

Refusing retaliation
He models for His betrothed ones
the way out of their self-made cages
and invites them to dream with Him
into fields of communion
and dazzling possibilities

Some of them respond…

He Had Her Back

When his eyes were opened to see her
he had her back

When people made snide comments just loud enough for her to hear
he had her back

When the elders threatened him with the loss of social status
because of his love for her
he had her back

When the community objected to their marriage
he had her back

When they were forced to travel and there was only one donkey
he had her back

When Death launched a pursuit against their Baby
he had her back

When the safest place to hide was where they were
targeted with discrimination
he had her back

When her arms were weary
he had her back

When she needed someone to teach their Child
what only a man could teach
he had her back

When their Son was missing and she was fighting panic
he had her back

When her heart was flooded with emotions
and her mind was overwhelmed
he had her back

When she needed a friend
he had her back

With all of his words
with all of his actions
with all of his strength
with all of his heart
through everything, everything
he had her back

The Ages of Monsters

Eons ago
dinosaurs ruled the world
Roaring, intimidating, fierce
Survival of the fittest
Their reptilian brains
impervious to all but the smallest flickers of love

And then a blazing fireball
exploded into the fortress of their kingdom

Monsters have
hardened scales
razor-sharp teeth relentless in
tearing through unprotected flesh
and re-shaping logic
a signature absence of empathy
They will not sacrifice their self-interests for anyone
And oh, how they can bellow!

group by group
they eliminate the weak
the undesirable
those who would call upon their hearts to expand
anyone they could conceive to be a threat
to their polished architectural designs

And what will be waiting to ignite the sky
when monsters once again
overtake the Earth?

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