Brought forth into the visible world
On the wings of an angel
She is guided by an echo sensation
Of being brushed by feathers
And so
She stays close to birds
In her childhood
In her adulthood
Then crafts a nest of her own
With little chicks who she shelters and
Reveals the endless possibilities
Of the sky
All while feeling
The energy-infused wings of a Phoenix
Stirring in her soul


With His Incarnation

In that place
outside the bounds of Time
where the expanse of God rests
will we meet with Jesus
and will He extend an invitation
to know Him better
by entering a Portal to the Past
and journeying with Him
throughout His earthly life?

Will we be with Him
right after the Holy Spirit has made Love
to the singular Virgin
floating with Him
in that sacred tabernacle of flesh?

Will we witness His birth
among a weary teenage couple
so far from everything they knew
and with animals and
singing a song that reverberates
throughout all of history?

His first breath
His first step
A raindrop on His skin
Healing the wings of an injured bird
hidden from the eyes of His friends
His laughter
His tears
Words flowing in poetry
With the physical touch of One who has lived

And when He pours out His Blood
will He allow us to comfort Him
like He does with Veronica
as she removes her veil
and steps right into His pain

Do you think that our hearts will be motivated
to kiss His cheek
in that moment when a terrible searing
sinks Him outside of Time
and then when He leaps back in
bathed in the power of Light?

To see what He sees
To feel what He feels
How He experiences
the taste of honey on His tongue
To be in union with our Beloved’s natural life
so that we can more intimately join with Him
in the realms of His supernatural existence

Litany of St. Joseph, To Be Held in the Heart

A Quiet Moment Sculpture by Timothy Schmalz

A Quiet Moment
Sculpture by Timothy Schmalz

St. Joseph, dreamer of dreams, pray for us
St. Joseph, living within all of the colours of God, pray for us
St. Joseph, friend of angels, pray for us
St. Joseph, you chose to believe the extraordinary, pray for us
St. Joseph, you transcended cultural conventions, pray for us
St. Joseph, launcher into the unknown, pray for us
St. Joseph, defender of honour, pray for us
St. Joseph, provider of food and shelter, pray for us
St. Joseph, first man to cradle God, pray for us
St. Joseph, welcoming of all, pray for us
St. Joseph, father-figure for the Son and for us, pray for us
St. Joseph, traveler under the stars, pray for us
St. Joseph, refugee, pray for us
St. Joseph, respecter of women, pray for us
St. Joseph, strong yet gentle, pray for us
St. Joseph, artist using the medium of wood, pray for us
St. Joseph, able to live in the moment, pray for us
St. Joseph, seeker of treasures hidden in the mundane, pray for us
St. Joseph, humble enough to make it safe for people to develop as their true selves, pray for us
St. Joseph, powerful presence, pray for us
St. Joseph, keeper of promises, pray for us

St. Joseph, there are many similarities between you and the Joseph from the Book of Genesis. The course of your life wasn’t like you had planned but it became so much greater than you could have ever imagined. Please bring us God’s provision, protection, and comfort. And please pave the way for all of His dreams for us to come true.

Appearances of Eden

long banished to the realm of myth
momentarily breaks forth
amidst chaos, distraction, and rejection
an intimate blending of Heaven and Earth
stars and angels
hay and animals
with the focal point being
a man and a woman
cradling a Child
breathing and aching
God and Human
with the sparkling in His eyes
holding the seeds of a future
where a new Eden
harmony between God and creation
angels, animals, plants and people
will powerfully take hold
and expand

The Breeding of Dragons

Ignoring the heroes
those noble dragon-slayers
some women become enthralled by
the dragons themselves
horrid monsters
as princes
their impenetrable scales
glinting in the sunlight
like so many
devouring teeth

And the dragons’ appetites

The pupils of the women
so that only
the inflating images of dragons
may fill them
an invitation
for seductive serpents
to lure their mates
into building for them
elaborate altars
for perpetual worship
upon which to sacrifice
and their children
over and over again

And as the icon of true motherhood
implanted in each woman’s heart
could never withstand
to submit innocents
to the flames of Moloch
the women must first
transform themselves
into co-dragons
of treacherous betrayal

Such is the breeding of dragons

The children
or what remains of them
are tossed between
shards of ice
and lashing
tongues of fire
as their imposter parents
demand that the sons and daughters
feed them
all the while
starving those young
of love and
empathic connection

With the passage of time
a myriad of portals
manifest themselves
to the victims of
these narcissistic warlords

To stay
and become dragon-worshippers

To leave
and seek a twisted retribution
for denied nourishment
by becoming
dragons themselves
in a secondary
form of breeding

Or to go in search
of the dragon-slayers
within and without
and to allow themselves
to fall in-love
with the Ultimate Dragon-Slayer
who will one day
put an end to
the breeding of dragons

In the Time of the Morning Star

“Moreover, we possess the prophetic message that is altogether reliable.  You will do well to be attentive to it, as to a lamp shining in a dark place, until day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts.”  2 Peter 1:19 NAB




In the cosmos of the heart
the love of many
has grown cold
battered by
the dislodging
of those fixed
points of reference
the stars
from their pedestals
seeds of distrust
giving rise to
of choking chaos
obscuring the mystery
and fragility
of orbiting souls
close enough
to touch
close enough
to wound

the Heavens send forth
into the vast emptiness
of pain and
an incorruptible beacon
the Morning Star
in the body of a Woman
speaking warming words
of tenderness
and solace
to nullify the weeds
and imparting a blueprint
for the forging
of links of chain
to be presented
to the Angel
for the binding
and neutralizing
of infecting darkness.

And all the while
the Morning Star
beckons each gaze
towards the Sun
glorious enough
to initiate
a new creation
a Jeweled City
dazzling in facets
of shimmering colours
in anticipation
of being implanted
in hearts open
to the possibility
of leaving behind
the crushing
dizzying vortex
and living
in an expanding universe
infinitely redeemed
by Light

In the Waves of Sound & Colour

I like to imagine
that the northern lights
are tonal
with each
subtle hue
and draping wave
distinctive vibrations
pulsing through
the great expanse
reverent spectators
with the orchestra
of angels

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