Gifted With Fire

It was there in the beginning
from her early childhood days
the fire that flows through her veins
propelling her to the heights of cherry trees
and unleashing at boys foolish enough to offend her

It was there in her young adulthood
igniting in the elixir of romance
that fire that flows through her veins
giving her courage to take a chance on love
and launching them both into the warmth of a family

It is there in her motherhood
in how she relates to her children
this fire that flows through her veins
erupting in bursts of creativity for their lives
and shining on the true gems that they are

You can see it trailing behind her when she runs
burning away her frustrations and anxieties
You can see it in the colours that adorn her
highlighted by her inner glow
You can see it as she dances within your relationship
a cascade of sparkles between you and her
And you can hear it in her uproarious laughter
an explosion of heartfelt delight

All evidence of the brilliant and glorious miracle
which is herself
and of that fire
that energizing and perpetual fire
that fire that flows through her veins


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. kez5
    May 05, 2016 @ 21:41:26

    How beautiful! Just before I read your poem I saw a photo of a flame in an unrelated post on Facebook and I was pondering the fire within us… Then I read your wonderful description of what I had just been thinking. Thank you so much for taking me from my rambling thoughts and articulating in such expressive and beautiful words.


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