It’s O.K.
I don’t have to keep trying to save them

It’s O.K.
They’re adults and they have made their own decisions

It’s O.K.
I believe the girl I was once was and I will protect her

It’s O.K.
I don’t have to be stuck in analyzing death when there is so much life calling to me

It’s O.K.
I am free to create

It’s O.K.
I am free to give and to embrace and to live passionately from my heart

It’s O.K.
I am free to be me


The Dilemma


My heart feels compassion for them
My intellect struggles to understand them
My instincts are screaming at me to stay away

And every time my heart or my intellect propose a possible path for moving forward
My instincts rise up and stop them in their tracks

Loving my Sister


The time for fighting for her life is over
The options for course-corrections have dissolved into the past
Love must take on a new form
That of walking beside her until the end
And of saturating the remaining moments with acts of profound tenderness
Along with lavish declarations of affection
A mirror of Heaven must be painted here on Earth
As extravagantly as possible
Until she steps through that Final Door