The Dreamer


He is a Dreamer
conceptualizing mysteries
with a single Word to make them real
dimensions, quantum physics, time
spinning galaxies
and colours
oh, the colours!
all infused with Love
for the endless pleasure of Beauty

He dreams
and calls forth an explosion of Life
lavish and abundant
interacting and evolving
relationships blended with Wonder

He revels in it all

The pinnacles of His creations
His betrothed ones
begin to dream dreams
but frightened
they crush them in tightening fists
stuff them into rigid compartments
selling out for the illusion of control

Unable to bear the Dreamer
outside of their self-constructed little boxes
they tear Him asunder
pin Him down
pierce His mind
and ravage His heart
in vain attempts to make Him fit

But the Dreamer is too far-reaching
to remain entombed
He bursts free
a tsunami of Mercy rushing everywhere

Refusing retaliation
He models for His betrothed ones
the way out of their self-made cages
and invites them to dream with Him
into fields of communion
and dazzling possibilities

Some of them respond…


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