Organic Integration

there is no step-by-step-by-step
there is no compartmentalization
the past and the present are ever-happening
there is only the Whole
made up of a flowing ethereal liquid
where everything is connected
where everything interacts

so if an additional trauma
is injected into this living consciousness
it cannot remain an isolated entity
it cannot interact solely with perceived fringes

it ignites a cascade
an electrical storm
enflaming the entire organism
traveling throughout with flashing currents of pain
immune to commands to subside

yet if the sphere is bathed in beauty
this will soak in
caress every aspect
and invite an equally creative response
an interactive display of mesmerizing colours

the sphere may be lacking a defense system
but it shows a promising ability
to gravitate




through the conduit of his touch
I float on wave after wave after wave
of pleasure
straddling the bridge between
wakefulness and dream
sinking and rising with the current
as his masculinity envelopes me
expands my femininity
creating the space for me to take him in
to focus him
call him forth
where he surges
crests and spills
leaving me

The Artistry of Lovers

fire and ice
ablaze in a crystalline structure
the amplification of their differences
igniting without the loss of form
core identities enhanced and fused
in the blinding glory of their passion

In Valiant Defiance of Dragons and Logic

we stand poised to take the leap
across space and time
into hostile hearts
enemy territory
knowing that it isn’t safe

yet the more perilous choice
is not to risk
but to hide behind Almighty Logic
in the Stagnant Fortress
of its millions of excuses

barely armed against toxic Dragons
my Lover and I
lay claim to the Adventure
convinced that the Jewels we will glean
in geography and in each other
will shine in the Crown of our Union

smiling brazenly
and with a deep breath
we leap…!

Intentionally Artistic

Creativity over Analysis
Perception over Judgment
Intuition over Formality
Spheres over Boxes

it’s about coming alive
it’s about embracing who I am
in spite of living within constructs
in spite of pressures placed upon me

and if the colours around me grow dull
I can pull up from within
splash colours all around me
in wild and frenzied patterns

I can imprint upon the world