Not Colour Blind

I can see the difference between blue and green
No amount of coercion will change my ability to recognize this
It’s so basic that I don’t even have to think about it
Blue and green are not the same colour
Nor are they interchangeable
Blue is not green and
Green is not blue
It matters
And closing my eyes to these distinctions is not an option


On The Other Side of the Fire

You have passed through the fire
something you would never have willed on your own
the flames and staggering heat have done their work
but now
in this moment suspended in Time
you have a choice
you can become like ash
a vile disintegration of your true essence
bitter on your own tongue
and in the mouths of others
or you can become like gold
with rough edges smoothed away
beautiful and shining
strong yet malleable
a word of Hope and Promise
you have passed through the fire
and your next step will be determined
by the form you choose to take


Help me not to become bitter
Keep my heart alive in Your Heart
I am not who they say I am
Help me to feel what You felt
What You continue to feel