Sound Waves of Invitations

His longing for me is so deep
so expansive
so all-consuming
that He cannot help but call to me
through every means possible
to be heard

He calls to me through beauty and wonder
through pain and crushing disappointments
through relationships and all of creation
through my emotions and imagination
He uses whatever is at hand
He is desperate enough to take that risk

He wants my heart
He wants me to explore His
nestle in Him
choose Him
delight in Him
feel His pain with Him
come alive in Him

I don’t always recognize the sound waves
on which His voice travels
but nonetheless
they dance all around me
cascade through me
and wait for a response


Restless Tigress

I’m restless
I want something to sink my teeth into
grapple with
gnaw on
work and re-work
explore every subtle taste and nuance
and do it again
until I’ve drained it dry
left my mark
learned all that I can
and am fully nourished

But everything that is available to me
all that I try biting into
turns to dust in my mouth
leaving me agitated
and wondering if there is something wrong with me
for not being satisfied with what I have
or if maybe I’m looking in the wrong places
or perhaps this is a time of famine
and there is simply no food to be had

Tossed About

A wish is made
a breath is blown
and like dandelion seeds
we are tossed about invisible currents
of neurochemicals
changes in barometric pressure
sunlight and moonlight
alongside people who can spin us around
without a moment’s notice

Will we remember the wish
the initial burst of inspiration
Will we root and transform
and metamorphose enough to launch new dreams
Or will we keep drifting
captive passengers flung by breezes
but still beholding wonders
we had never imagined

When Your Wings Are Clipped

Like a bird with clipped wings
I wait in my cage
looking out through the windows
at the wide world before me
my imagination expanding well beyond what I can see
and I wait for someone to notice
to visit me
to care
to delight in what I still can offer
within the confines of my little cage

I’m restless
I want to do something
be something
make a difference
save the world

but I can’t

So I sing my songs
patter around
dream my dreams
and wait for someone
to think it matters