Woman Walking Naturally

In the orbit of her hips
lies the blossom of her sexuality
evidence of orgasms
that have released her restraints
her luscious fullness
defying the confines of socially endorsed
anorexic moulds

She is unbound
the wellsprings of her sensuality
flowing up and over every curve

And so she sways her hips
walks unrushed
a living, breathing antidote
to cultural pathogens
threatened by the fruitful, unscripted, mesmerizing power
of natural womanhood


Wrestling With the Emotions of Where I Am

No more ceaselessly wringing my hands
because she won’t try to save her life

No more marinating myself in anguish
because the family dynamics are set in stone

I have loved authentically
(not with a counterfeit love)

I have spoken the truth
with those who were willing to listen

I have made my decisions
and they are good ones

This won’t be the seeping poison for my defeat
but a validating source of my strength

And I am hereby giving myself permission
to hold my head high

Choosing to Stand

Sunlight is a powerful disinfectant
I choose to stand in it

I stood up while others sat down

I have not been crippled
I have not succumbed to persuasions to step away
and even though the price has been some anguish and isolation


Sacred Ground

we turn on our wedding song
and dance in our living room
him in his bare feet and robe
me in my socks, yoga pants, and T-shirt
a moment suspended within a bubble of eternity
we are dancing in our home
we are dancing on sacred ground

He Had Her Back

When his eyes were opened to see her
he had her back

When people made snide comments just loud enough for her to hear
he had her back

When the elders threatened him with the loss of social status
because of his love for her
he had her back

When the community objected to their marriage
he had her back

When they were forced to travel and there was only one donkey
he had her back

When Death launched a pursuit against their Baby
he had her back

When the safest place to hide was where they were
targeted with discrimination
he had her back

When her arms were weary
he had her back

When she needed someone to teach their Child
what only a man could teach
he had her back

When their Son was missing and she was fighting panic
he had her back

When her heart was flooded with emotions
and her mind was overwhelmed
he had her back

When she needed a friend
he had her back

With all of his words
with all of his actions
with all of his strength
with all of his heart
through everything, everything
he had her back

An Act of Faith, Courage, and Trust

To create
you must take a leap of faith

You must reach out
with tendrils of trust
that the wonder will be there
and that it will consent to a connection

You must bravely reach in
choose to travel deep into the anguish
risk being overwhelmed
all with the flailing, wild intuition
that pulling fragments of that pain into the light
will bring with it
long awaited strands of healing

With hope
but no preconceptions
you release your defenses
stand vulnerable
amidst the swirling awareness that
in daring to create
you are opening yourself up
to another radical shift
in your own transformation