Daring to Smash the Boxes

Reality is so much broader
than our minds can ever grasp
smash the boxes!
smash the self-constructed confines!
connect with instinct
connect with intuition
even just a little bit at a time
begin to explore…


Maximize Each Moment

Remembering that love is the lifeblood
maximize each moment
fill it with creativity
look for ways to reach out
look for ways to reach in
be open to wonder
seek out treasures
take the time to delight in them
give yourself permission to delight in them
be silly
hold a gaze
be spontaneous
take a chance
it doesn’t have to be perfect
but it can be so colourfully rich

From His Full Resolution

fractal colourful hearts
Love is the lifeblood of all creation
He spilled His
freely, without constrictions
gave us a transfusion
so that we may live
and love with His love
together loving creation into existence
and freely infusing it
with potent, pulsing vitality
in connection with an unlimited Source

Plant Therapy

eating what I have grown
brings nourishment to my body
while the acts of caring for the plants
of loving them
brings restoration to my soul

Deciding the Lifeblood

If love is the lifeblood of all of creation
then it is within our power to kill
our entire world
by withholding – by starving
or by projecting streams of poison
from us
or through accessing something all-sinister

And if love is the lifeblood of all of creation
then it is within our power to heal, to nurture
our entire world
by opening up the channels for our love
and for God’s love
to flow forth through us in abundance

Everything is connected
we are all part of one mysterious organism
and the state of our hearts
our choices in killing and healing
can shape the far-reaching scope
of reality

The Virus

The virus
convinces her to swallow its lies
re-writes her own coding
and makes her think that its voice is hers

Is she still in there?
And will her true form ever re-emerge
from the escalating mutations?

In Response to Incessant Societal Pressures

I do not fit the mould
so the rules just don’t apply
outputting a structured stream of steady productivity
is simply beyond my grasp

And believe me, I’ve tried…

So I must forge a different path
one where I still try to get things done
but where the chores take second
or third
or even last place
to what I am actually good at
to what I need to keep coming alive

stepping out into wonder
from the deep places of my heart

And anyway
life is much too short to
as a placating gesture
guiltily force myself into blinders
when there are treasures all around

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