Wild Feminine Connectivity

Orion Nebula

virgin and mother
wife and widow
shunned and venerated
human and immaculate

she is far too expansive
to remain encased on a shelf
to be gazed upon at arm’s length
by a select few

she is warm as the sun
intriguing as the moon
a pulsing, complex, colour-saturated network
of connections

she draws us to herself
through her myriad of experiences
she draws us to each other
no group can claim exclusivity
she draws us to God
in veins of graces flowing to Him
and she brings God to us
in an intimate fusing of lifeblood and spirit

she is a full and free woman
dancing through realms of possibilities
unafraid to step into our pain, rawness, or chaos
unrestrained by the limits of our imaginations

and in the artistry of her connectivity
she is linking us with the nourishment we need
to shine as our true selves
and intuitively weaving us all together
to coax forth a dynamic
masterpiece of love