Pre-Maturation Escape

The mama crafted a nest of barbed wire
pretty in the sunlight
sure she was the envy of all
Her duty fulfilled
she devoted the rest of her time
to self-preening

But the nest hurt the little bird
inducing fear
making the little bird bleed out
long after the initial injuries
and when the little bird peeped in distress
the mama shut her up quickly
because the nest was oh-so-pretty
and the little bird
simply wasn’t

Long before the natural time
the little bird set out to leave the nest
not because she was ready
but because there was so little blood left
She balanced precariously on the edge of the barbed wire
with no instruction
with no preparation
launched herself upwards
and flew

Her flight has not been perfect
and unhealed injuries have caused her to flail
but she did leave the nest
and she has seen wonders
and she is growing stronger
But most importantly
in spite of the mama
the bird LIVES
and can appreciate the difference
between true beauty
and sunlight glinting off of
a barbed wire nest


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