Strong Enough To Grow

Two decades ago
a wise woman once asked me
if I was strong enough to stay in my parents’ house
or if I was strong enough to go
I wasn’t strong enough to stay
so I left

One decade ago
I wrote my parents a letter
asking if they wanted to work things out
They denied the situation
insulted my choices
dismissed my essence
yet somehow I didn’t think there was enough
to justify a final severing

And now
with the decaying fruit of my childhood
littered all around me
and the accumulated trauma
continuing to wreak havoc within me
my voice still not being heard
I have to ask myself:
“Am I strong enough to stay
or am I strong enough to go?”
I no longer see a reason to stay
so I am forging ahead on a new path
with an invigorated commitment to being
strong enough to grow


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