with a complexity of patterns
pausing for you to contemplate
and then changing
sometimes with a slight shift
sometimes in a dramatic disruption
demanding your focus
your engagement
it is impossible to remain unaltered
the colours speak to you
and then realign
you can close your eyes
but not for long
as the key to your internal survival
is choosing to behold the Light
and perceiving how it enlivens the colours
you must seek out the Beauty
step forth into Wonder
even if what initially appears as chaos
breaks your heart


Transformative Horizons


Coming out of hibernation
I long to create…
a garden

And the rhythm of creating the garden
pulls me further and further
out of hibernation

Colours within me
colours all around me
life beckoning life

All of us connected
all of us pulsing
as we reach up and allow ourselves to be kissed
by the Sun