Fire Unconsuming

“What then is my nature? Fire is my nature.”
~ St. Catherine of Siena

There is no set mold
for being a Christian woman
you don’t have to be meek and mild
or work to strangle your own voice
You can be full of fire
with a storm of colours
flying off you in every direction
without compromising your womanhood
your ingrained femininity
or His infinite pleasure
in delighting in the wild individual
He created you to be



Bearing the wounds
Open wide for all to see
Claiming their victory
Discarding the cloak of shame

Encountering Veronica

willing Himself to swim upstream
through the River of Horror
she takes form in front of His blood-filled eyes
a drop of pure water amidst the swirling putridity
releases her defenses
vulnerability meeting Vulnerability
a weaving together through the conduit of her veil
an opening wide of the floodgates of tenderness
unleashing a current to carry them forward

No Longer A War Zone

my parents waged a war against me
a war to kill my spirit
and for some bizarre reason
we chose my body as the battleground

the culture has waged a war against women
a war to determine our worth
and for some bizarre reason
our bodies have been chosen as the battlegrounds


I am claiming this body
this extraordinary gift from my Creator
this counter-cultural masterpiece
and I am consecrating it to LOVE

I can translate the languages of Love
through my physicality
celebrate the dignity of others
become, create, restore

and with this body
along with my heart, my mind, and my spirit
I can choose to walk away from
a war zone that insults the truth
and the magnificence
of who I am