Less Than


Seemingly diminished by lack of possessions
Blamed for what I cannot control
I struggle to resist the suffocating blanket
Forcibly draped over me
That feeling of being
Less than

Less than in perfect health
Less than a financial contributor
Less than fertile
Less than a daughter who is cherished

In spite of the movements outside of me
Inside I am becoming more and more myself
And discovering
A heart bigger than the world
Enlarging with the expanding heavens

In spite of the pain
In spite of the wounds
In spite of the disappointments
Or perhaps because of them
I have recognized that what I achingly need
Points me to the treasures that I am able to give

And because I love
And because I hold the pierced Hand
Of the One Who loves with an Infinite Heart
I can be more than
Any imposed box of condemnation
Which is really too small
And too disfigured
And far too less than
To even have a chance of containing
The woman I truly am