Imagining Mary’s Pentecost


Tending to these men
these priests
and women
all her children
so frightened
so easily startled
and maybe they should be
after all
look what happened
to her Son

The decimation
the rebuilding
and the leaving

All spiraling
down through that ache
through that perpetual tear
searing straight through
the center
of her heart

She looks over at John
of the Beloved
and feels herself
awash in tenderness
flooded in an ever-new pain
recalling how he held her
while their World
bled Himself out
upon them

she can sense the air
all around them
alive with diamonds
and vibrating
tracing tingles
through every cell
like the charge in the atmosphere
before lightning
crashes forth

A rush of wind
a gasp of breath
and even before the firestorm
can erupt overhead
she feels the flames
leap in her eyes

her Lover!!
she knows Who this is!!!
the One Who overshadowed her
the One Who poured Himself out
through every atom
of her being
the One Who caused her to swell
with His very life
the One Who gave her

And for a moment
for an isolated eternity
she is taken
outside of time

When the images
she finds herself surrounded by
living candles
people crowned
in pulsing reds, oranges, and golds
and watching blue
the most intense
expression of flame
cascading over her
as a luminous mantle
her singularity

The Potent Energy
that propelled the universe
into form
and motion
now nesting
in this simple room
this startling epicenter
igniting souls
disintegrating boundaries
and communicating
across each beam of light
messages of knowledge
and love
hyper-charging each person’s capacity
for vision
and responsiveness

In a shockwave of passion
everyone is thrust outward
into the streets
into the world
hearts flaming
swept up in the mission
to light every candle
to heal every paralysis
to draw every person
into a cosmic dance
of communion
and joy

And even as she proceeds
to mother a multitude of nations
she cradles Him in her heart
just as she cradled
and feels Him moving
through all her elation
through all of her wounds
not to cauterize
but to travel
deeper into her
and to bring her
deeper into Him
a fusion so profound
that she becomes like the moon
reflecting the glory
of her Son
so that people cannot look at her
without beholding

For the Bride of the Lover
is never


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