Through the World of A Woman’s Heart


He created her
a brilliant sapphire
a sky of diamonds
laced with silver
and gold

she brings forth
abundant life
myriads of forms
and patterns
giving giving giving
and sustaining
and giving some more

Deep below all her activity
in the quiet
He lavishes treasures
just for her
and Him
to delight in
caverns of quartz crystals
pillars of amethysts
hidden stores of
rubies and emeralds

Deeper still
in her core
in those swirling fires
far too intense
for any creature
to dare
to venture near
He dances with her
in her wild ferocity
spinning with her
through storms
of emotions

And in her very center
in that place
of absolute stillness
outside of time
He sits with her
keeping vigil
blending with her
in the tabernacle
of her heart
a portal
through which
they touch
the Heavens


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