The Breeding of Dragons

Ignoring the heroes
those noble dragon-slayers
some women become enthralled by
the dragons themselves
horrid monsters
as princes
their impenetrable scales
glinting in the sunlight
like so many
devouring teeth

And the dragons’ appetites

The pupils of the women
so that only
the inflating images of dragons
may fill them
an invitation
for seductive serpents
to lure their mates
into building for them
elaborate altars
for perpetual worship
upon which to sacrifice
and their children
over and over again

And as the icon of true motherhood
implanted in each woman’s heart
could never withstand
to submit innocents
to the flames of Moloch
the women must first
transform themselves
into co-dragons
of treacherous betrayal

Such is the breeding of dragons

The children
or what remains of them
are tossed between
shards of ice
and lashing
tongues of fire
as their imposter parents
demand that the sons and daughters
feed them
all the while
starving those young
of love and
empathic connection

With the passage of time
a myriad of portals
manifest themselves
to the victims of
these narcissistic warlords

To stay
and become dragon-worshippers

To leave
and seek a twisted retribution
for denied nourishment
by becoming
dragons themselves
in a secondary
form of breeding

Or to go in search
of the dragon-slayers
within and without
and to allow themselves
to fall in-love
with the Ultimate Dragon-Slayer
who will one day
put an end to
the breeding of dragons


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