Come Into Me

Come into me
come into that place
that doesn’t feel safe
into that place
that was never touched
by a father’s love or
his masculine protection
for my own father was
the thing to be feared
the thing to run from
even if the only means
of escape was via
my imagination

Come into me
come into that place
that still feels apprehensive
when it comes to food
for he forced it down my throat
a form of oral rape
cutting off my air
like dying
and then denied me
basic nourishment
when it was time to grow

Come into me
come into that place
still seething with shame
for he spoke no words
of my beauty
nor of my strength
but spewed unending descriptions
of how embarrassed he was
that people knew me as
his daughter

Come into me
come into that place
that desperately searches for Your eyes
but can only perceive
the disgust in his
come into that place
that yearns for Your acceptance
but cringes in dread
of Your bitter disappointment
come into that place
that is frantic for Your love
but can never seem to hold onto
Your ever-dissolving reflections
God, my Father, come into that place


As the Veils Drop

the veils are being removed

the truth is being told

and the children who we once were

are beginning to be heard

Dance Into the Light

The past few months have been pretty rough.  I am living in a time of uncertainty.  Also, I have witnessed people being outrageously cruel.  This is nearly impossible for me to process.  It has also been bringing up a lot of past trauma.  And it has been zapping much of my creativity.

My husband & I have been borrowing CDs from the library.  The latest one we have borrowed is “Hits” by Phil Collins.  On it is a song I had never heard before:  Dance Into the Light.  I cannot get enough of this song.  It makes me feel so ALIVE.  Here are some of my favourite lines:

“There’ll be no more hiding in the shadows of the Earth

There’ll be no more chains to hold you…

And there are no walls with Freedom…

Come dance with me

C’mon and dance into the Light”

I mean, does that not sound like HEAVEN???  I can just picture Jesus singing these words to me.  I am convinced that Jesus is a lot more fun and romantic than most people imagine Him to be, and I think that Heaven is way cooler than even the most creative people have been able to guess.

Eventually everyone in Heaven will get new bodies.  Well, we must get to use them, right?  I cannot wait to explore galaxies, dance, breathe under water, touch, and be touched.

In Heaven, all broken relationships will be healed.  We will all delight in each other.  I hold onto this thought, especially when I am feeling most hurt.

So, amidst the trials of this present time, I am remembering that there is still Light, and I am remembering to seek it out.  Also, I am taking chances.  I am 40 years old and in poor health, but I took a risk and  discovered that I can do cartwheels again!  This has totally thrilled me.  Sometimes it just takes a little courage to break through walls…  🙂