Surprise Me

On March 31st, I will be turning 40.  I am absolutely thrilled!!  I can’t wait!  🙂

Much of my 30’s has been marked by profound losses, and the multi-dimensional fall-out from these losses.  I don’t expect restoration in my 40’s, but I am anticipating many treasures, even if they don’t come in the forms that I might expect or even initially want.

This past Christmas, I gave my husband a list of things that I hoped he would buy for me.  He purchased some of the items I had requested, but he also gave me gifts that I had never even thought of, or knew existed.  It was these unexpected presents that thrilled me the most, and had the biggest impact on my life (especially the book “Chicken Soup for the Soul:  Find Your Happiness”).

For my birthday, I have purposefully not asked for anything.  I have simply told my husband that I would very much like it if he would surprise me.  And that is my new attitude for my 40’s:  SURPRISE ME

Not too long ago, my husband went out for dinner with a friend.  The meal he had ordered included a tea.  When the waitress came to ask him to make a choice from the wide selection of options, he asked her to surprise him.  I like that.  This playful sense of openness can enrich so many aspects of our lives.

And I believe that this attitude can also be applied to the relationship we have with God.  Beginning today, in my Morning Prayers, I am asking Jesus to surprise me.  We love surprising others and seeing their reactions.  I am convinced that Jesus is thrilled to do this for us, too.

If you try it, keep your eyes open.  The surprises may be big, but they may also be small — even fleeting.  However, I believe that they will be fashioned especially for the unique person you are.  Don’t forget to give yourself permission to delight in them.  🙂


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  1. I'm taking a nap
    Mar 26, 2012 @ 18:42:06

    I err on the side of caution, remembering my mothers quote “be careful what you ask for, you might not like it when you get it”

    Thank heavens the one thing I asked Him for, He gave me twice and I like it…. or I should say them… my two beautiful youngest children, conceived after 16 years of infertility, without doctors help.


    • perceptionoverjudgment
      Mar 26, 2012 @ 19:44:51

      I am so sorry that you have known the pain of infertility. I can strike at the core of who a woman is, and of who she perceives herself to be. I am thrilled that you were able to conceive and birth children. For me, I have been infertile, and then I had a hysterectomy, so now there is no more room for miracle pregnancies. I have accepted that this is my particular path in life. I am blessed to have a nephew and niece. They bring much joy into my life. Plus, there are countless other ways to “birth”: through words, through prayers, through nurturing a spark you see in another person…All women are mothers. It is who we are, to our cores. 🙂


    • perceptionoverjudgment
      Mar 27, 2012 @ 15:44:15

      Oops! That is supposed to be “It” can strike…not “I” can strike. Yikes!


  2. I'm taking a nap
    Mar 27, 2012 @ 19:03:58

    It’s sad that there are so many wanting children but can’t have them. You’re right, there are so many things we can “birth”
    I hope you get many years of joy with your niece and nephew. Children really can brighten ones life. I truly believe it takes a village to raise a child.

    Gemtle hugs to you.


  3. Isabella
    Mar 29, 2012 @ 02:43:42

    Oh, I’m such a believer in the God of surprises…playful surprises to truly delight in! A very happy and joy-filled birthday to you!!! Being 40 is a great age. Entering into this decade with a heart open and ready for surprises is a gift in itself. Enjoy! 🙂


  4. familyfunanddysfunction
    Mar 31, 2012 @ 16:26:49

    A wonderful post!!! Happy Birthday sis!!! May this year bring you many joyful surprises!! 40 is fabulous!!!! xoxoxo


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