Our Lady of the Colours

If I could choose a new title for Our Lady and design a unique image for her , I would call her “Our Lady of the Colours”.

Her skintone would be dark — maybe olive or black…and her hair would be long and black, or possibly deep brown.  For this particular “look”, it wouldn’t work if her skin was pale and her hair was light, because then you would only notice her clothing — you wouldn’t see the woman.  This way, her clothing would be viewed as an extension of who she is.  Her eyes would be dark and shining.

Our Lady’s dress would be totally multi-coloured —  made up of every rich, vibrant shade.  The sleeves would be bell-shaped, with the widest parts at her wrists.  On the edge of the sleeves would be crocheting, extending slightly onto her hands.  This detailing would be in the same colours as the dress, so that the transition from the sleeves to the crocheting would appear seamless.  The same crocheting would adorn the hem, falling slightly onto her bare feet.

The veil would be made up of fine, silvery threads.  Her hair would be slightly visible underneath it, with the hair on the sides of her face and forehead remaining uncovered.  The threads in the veil would reflect the hues in her dress, but these versions would be softer and more muted.  And, as Our Lady moved, the colours reflected in the veil would naturally change, so that they would appear to be always in motion.

Our Lady would be dancing on the moon.  Behind her the sky would be jet-black and full of sparkling stars.  Our Lady would be pregnant with Baby Jesus.

She would be absolutely joyous.  She would be thrilled to be pregnant.  Jesus’ life would be radiating outward to fill her whole being.  His light would be shining forth from her.  She would be delighting in being a woman.  She would be melting into the love that the Holy Trinity has for her.  Our Lady would feel like she was dancing on the edge of countless possibilities.  She would be full of wonder, hope, femininity, and playfulness.

In many images of Our Lady, she is sad, and rightly so.  She endured many hardships in her life on Earth.  She has been pleading with humanity for centuries to pray and repent, and her heart-filled efforts have not been met with the response she has longed for.  She is able to see where many of her children are heading.  One of my favourite titles for Mother Mary is “Our Lady of Sorrows”.  This expression of who Mary is especially pierces me, makes me ache to comfort her, and also makes me feel close to her because I know that she able to enter into our pain.

However, I wanted to created a title and an image for Our Lady that would illustrate her wild, boundless joy.  Her life isn’t all about suffering.  She is a daughter of the Father, the Mother of the Son, and the Spouse of the Holy Spirit.  While she can experience pain deeper than any other human (who isn’t God), she is also capable of knowing joy on a level that isn’t attainable for any other human being.  I wanted to illustrate her free of any weight pressing down on her.  I wanted to show her alive in colours, responding with her whole being to God’s love for her, and delighting in being exactly who He created her to be.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Isabella
    Mar 25, 2012 @ 20:46:13

    ‘I wanted to show her alive in colours, responding with her whole being to God’s love for her, and delighting in being exactly who He created her to be.’ I love this portrait you have painted of Mary! What a powerful and inspiring image….of a powerful and inspiring woman. Thank you!


  2. perceptionoverjudgment
    Mar 26, 2012 @ 01:54:35

    Yes, she is so powerful. I like how in the movie “The Passion of the Christ”, Mary is portrayed as being a very strong woman. And I like, how in your article “Misconceptions of femininity hamper faith development” you wrote: “Mary is observant to the needs of others, and seeks creative ways for those needs to be met…When her son is brutally executed, she stands firmly at the foot of the cross where others have fled”.


  3. familyfunanddysfunction
    Mar 26, 2012 @ 02:38:53

    What a tribute to our Mother Mary! How fitting that you created this post at this time, when Grampa has just passed on. He was so devoted to Mary, “his Madonna,” and I know that he died so peacefully because she came to get him from his death bed. Beautifully written! Exquisitely poignant! Absolutely touching! xoxo


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