In The Current of His Dreams

St. Joseph’s Feast Day is on March 19th.  I wanted to write a poem to honour this man who I find so intriguing.  St. Joseph is generally portrayed as “the strong, silent type”.  He is known for working hard to provide for his family.  But, in addition to this, St. Joseph is also a dreamer.  In my poem, I wanted to highlight the similarities between the Joseph of the Book of Genesis with the Joseph of the Gospels.  However, as the writing of the poem unfolded, the focal point emerged as the current of the dreams.  Even though this poem was intended to pay homage to St. Joseph, I don’t think he minds that the focus isn’t entirely on him.  This slight overshadowing is a reflection of how he lived his life on Earth.

St. Joseph, Dreamer of Dreams, pray for us.


One Joseph
favoured by his father
wore a robe of many colours
and fell into dreams

Betrayed by his brothers
his robe drenched in blood
cast into a well
so barren and dry
yet still he was carried
in the current of his dreams

To Egypt! To Africa!
glorious in her fertility
lush in her abundance
her voluptuous nature
drawing in the lean

As in the dreaming
his family came forth
seedlings of a nation
preceded by
reconciliation and
to glean from Joseph’s hand
the grain that had allured them
the wheat that would sustain them
the bread that would speak of
a future of blessings
more numerous than the stars
that travel the heavens

Another Joseph
favoured by the Father
and was entrusted with the roles of
to the Woman
fertile enough to bear
the God-Child
from Whom all colours
flow forth

He dreamed again
the man, the Woman, and the Child
now leaping into the racing current
propelled by the river of blood
streaming from the Innocents
mixing with the sting of tears
in the flood from Rachel’s eyes
carrying them
to Egypt
to Africa
where memories of their ancestors
lay sleeping
in the architecture

And Joseph dreamed

The current now carrying them
back to his nation
back to his brothers
where the God-Man would become
Living Bread
filling the expanse of time
to allure all people
generous enough
to sustain each pilgrim
who would set out on the journey
to travel to Heaven

And in the breaking of the Bread
His Heart was ripped open
unleashing a torrent
of Water and Blood
pulsing with the living colours
of every grace
so that we could all
choose to immerse ourselves
in the current of His dreams


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. familyfunanddysfunction
    Mar 17, 2012 @ 00:58:03

    Oh! This is incredible!!! I don’t have the words….. Just absolutely brilliant, so beautiful and so eloquent! I am soo impressed!!! Wow, just wow!!! xoxoxo


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