I don’t believe it is possible to be entirely happy in this lifetime — I think that experience is something that is waiting for us in its fullness in Heaven.  However, I maintain that it is not necessary for us to be as unhappy as we currently are.  It seems to me that there are opportunities for delight scattered all around us.  We just need to have minds open enough to perceive them, hearts large enough to embrace them, and the courage to give ourselves permission to revel in them, even if our former plans need to be redirected for just a little while.

We grow so accustomed
to this world of pain
this valley of tears
that we miss the sparkling
among the dew drops
In the normalization of greyness
silver can go undetected
But sometimes the colours leap forth
while we look elsewhere
distracted by some
mundane task
exaggerating itself
in importance
Gifts strewn along the path
waiting for our attention
waiting for our permission
waiting for our hearts to open
to their pockets of delight
their kaleidoscope
of possibilities


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  1. familyfunanddysfunction
    Mar 13, 2012 @ 00:53:57

    I love the repetition of “waiting” –> beautifully written and such a lovely poem! You have a natural gift, keep using it and I can’t wait to see what it will bring!!!


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