I Choose to Create A Happy Life

I choose to create a happy life.
I choose to love my husband with an uncluttered heart.

I choose to create a happy life.
I choose to claim my blessings.

I choose to create a happy life.
Dragons have no say in my kingdom.

I choose to create a happy life.
I choose to playfully expand my horizons.

Drink Deeply

Let yourself drink deeply
draw it all in
let it flush out the toxins
clear out the pathways
refresh you
enliven you
let the myriad of colours
take up residence inside of you
and feel them springing into life
so much wonder and vitality
cascading over you
flowing through you
sparkling all around you
let yourself drink deeply
savouring every miracle-infused drop
and do this
while the time allows

Spewed Forth from The Vortex

I wouldn’t feed the Vortex
so it spat me out
and it thinks that it has pierced me
starved me
immobilized me
but really
it has only set me free

Whose Voice?

A metallic chain with an explosed link.

Whose voice will you give authority to speak into your life?
Who will you believe?
Whose voice will you allow to detail your identity?
Or assign value to your worth?

Have you chosen wisely?
Have you chosen well?
Are you blossoming like a flower?
Or withering to the ground?

Are they speaking Truth to you?
Or are they telling lies?
Are you being nourished?
Or paralyzed by poison lodged within your veins?

Whose voice will you give authority to speak into your life?
Who will you believe?
Do you need to change direction?
Do you need to be set free?

Empathic in Nature

I feel everything
with such living intensity

my defenses are minimal

all travels to my core

poignant beauty
can elevate and heal me

while the razor-sharp edges
of shards of malice and destruction
can rip me to shreds
from the inside

but even with the exhaustion
that comes with the cyclical nature of electrical storms
I would still choose to feel far too much
than to be dulled in any way
and minimize the scope
of what my heart could touch

At the Crossroads

I’ve taken a step
and it seems like the right one
but I don’t know if I want to continue

Does this path lead to my increasing liberation?
A chance to feel my legs strong beneath my voice?

Or is the invitation I am responding to
a pretty lure
disguised as something I want
but that will only lead me to re-shackle myself?

I cannot see
I cannot see

And my lack of trust
competes with my sense of obligation

Infusion for the Battle-Weary

Battle-weary and worn
suspicious from memories
where enthusiastic starts were beaten down
locking the posture into a distortion
that has become the norm

But all is not lost
not everything is forsaken
previous fires can be lit again
and new ones can flare into being

Not ignoring the dragons
not closing eyes to bombed-out landscapes
otherwise it wouldn’t be Courage

It is time to hope again
time for latching on in ever-expansive ways
drawing strength from the Sun
and daring to shine even the dark and barren places

It doesn’t have to be perfect
in fact, it won’t be perfect
but openness is itself a victory

The spinal column will be aligned
standing tall with head held high
so that flowers of every hue can be scattered
and even if they don’t take root
no one will be able to argue out of existence
the fragrance of the petals

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