Movements of Vision

I see it differently
outside of their labels and boxes
they regard the individual pieces
but I’m not convinced that their constructed puzzles
entirely fit

I cannot perceive the full scope of reality

And while there are ultimate Truths
I don’t believe that they take the form
of two-dimensional planes

I can race along the surface of the sphere
dive in deep
and move through colours, feelings, ideas
bask, delight…
and also rage

There are times to stand strong
to remain unbending

It is such a delicate place to be
to know when to be unyielding
and to know when to journey through fluidity
If you choose to select one state and annihilate the other
you cannot expect to keep your soul alive

I don’t see things the way they do
neither do I pretend to have found the answers

It is a Privilege[1]
It is a privilege to love you
It is a privilege to open my heart wide to you
To let your love shape me
To entwine my life with yours
In the most intimate of embraces

It is a privilege
To sink with you
Through all of our pain
And to soar with you
As our loves heals us and dreams
To dance with you on waves of laughter
And wander the infinite pathways of our imaginings

It is a tremendous privilege
A vulnerable and overwhelming privilege
To live the honour of being your wife

You are my heart

Not Colour Blind

I can see the difference between blue and green
No amount of coercion will change my ability to recognize this
It’s so basic that I don’t even have to think about it
Blue and green are not the same colour
Nor are they interchangeable
Blue is not green and
Green is not blue
It matters
And closing my eyes to these distinctions is not an option

On The Other Side of the Fire

You have passed through the fire
something you would never have willed on your own
the flames and staggering heat have done their work
but now
in this moment suspended in Time
you have a choice
you can become like ash
a vile disintegration of your true essence
bitter on your own tongue
and in the mouths of others
or you can become like gold
with rough edges smoothed away
beautiful and shining
strong yet malleable
a word of Hope and Promise
you have passed through the fire
and your next step will be determined
by the form you choose to take


Help me not to become bitter
Keep my heart alive in Your Heart
I am not who they say I am
Help me to feel what You felt
What You continue to feel

Sounds of Destruction, Sounds of Resistance

Disarray, disarray,
it is tumbling society faster and faster into disarray
all with loud assertions
that it is escorting people into an ascension
higher and higher
into love
a more authentic way of living
but it is wrong

That is not what love looks like
that is not how love behaves

Usually I prefer misdirected fiery passion
over correct yet lukewarm ponds
but this time the death-dripping roar
is far too sulfuric
far too freakishly encompassing

I need to catch my breath
I need to stop the bleeding from my ears

So for now
I am stepping back
feeding myself with Beauty
strengthening myself with Truth
nourishing myself by feeding others
with affection
with attention
with humour
speaking words that fan the flames of life

And what I am doing
is just as real as that growing
devouring vortex
maybe more so
even if its bellowing
appears to drown out
the living
and sometimes faltering
patterns of my heartbeats

Ousting Dragons as Lead Characters of Your Story

Dragons can steal
but they can’t create

Dragons can destroy
but they cannot heal

Frogs may turn into Princes
but Dragons will never turn into Lambs

So don’t go looking for love from Dragons


Make friends with the One Who has the power to create
Make friends with the One Who bleeds to heal
Make friends with the One Who is all about love

He has empowered you with a kingdom
Invite Him in

Shelter the people by showering them with affection
Protect yourself by nullifying the Dragons’ lies
Beautify your landscapes by embracing Wonder
Expand your borders by braving new adventures

You cannot eradicate the Dragons
And you’re helpless to undo what they’ve done
But you can choose
And united with the True King
You can claim your rightful place
And redirect the continuation of the Story

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