Present, Without Boundaries

Emmanuel – God is with us
in the chaos, in the mess
in the rejection and in the hurt

Emmanuel – God is with us
in the tenderness, in the touch
in the laughter and in the hope

Emmanuel – God is with us
in the colours and in the storm
in the waiting and in the rush
in the dreams and in the mundane
wherever you are, take comfort, dear one
Emmanuel – God is with us

Thoughts to Hold Onto Each Day

look for God – especially in the unexpected places
look for surprises from Jesus
play as much as possible
drink in deeply
what is life-giving to me
what is my voice – what is not my voice
I like my voice
I like my body
don’t look for a loaf of bread in a hardware store
it’s O.K. to be right where I am
trust my instincts
fully alive to each moment
cultivate happiness – choose happiness
brisk walking gets endorphins flowing
write down my thoughts – get them out of my body
keep experimenting
it doesn’t have to be perfect
go where you are wanted and do what works
listen to what my body is telling me
a vacation from fear
trust that I am beautiful


The little girl inside of me
has been screaming throughout my lifetime

And it has taken me this long
to know
to gain the tools to access
to finally give her
what she has so desperately needed

I believe her
her voice, her language, her memories
the pieces she has been able to string together
and I believe her firmly enough
to stand my ground

I will protect her
she doesn’t have to go back there

I will protect her
I won’t pretend that the dragons are illusions

I will protect her
and invite her out to play

The Absurdity of Trying to Turn Circles Into Squares

It amazes me
that I ever let people try to squeeze me into
plain boxes
when my thinking
is colour-drenched and freely

Cubes can’t float
or change their form
but bubbles of feelings, perceptions, dreams

Appearances of Eden

long banished to the realm of myth
momentarily breaks forth
amidst chaos, distraction, and rejection
an intimate blending of Heaven and Earth
stars and angels
hay and animals
with the focal point being
a man and a woman
cradling a Child
breathing and aching
God and Human
with the sparkling in His eyes
holding the seeds of a future
where a new Eden
harmony between God and creation
angels, animals, plants and people
will powerfully take hold
and expand

The Courageous and Perpetual Choice of Freedom

The door of the cage is open
the broad expanse of the world
suddenly visible without bars
but after decades of the “normalcy” of captivity
will she give herself permission to fly free
or will she keep returning again and again
a boomerang
conditioned to fasten shackles to her own soul

Trusting That I Am Beautiful



“Jesus I trust in You”
I am still trying to figure out what that means

My parents cursed me
pronounced terrible things over me
lodged them into my brain

But that is not the voice of Jesus
He calls me beautiful
delights in me
and is setting me free

Free from the soundtrack
free from the fear and anxiety
free to unfold as myself

I like His voice better

I like my voice too

So I am trusting that I am beautiful
trusting that He has placed treasures within me
trusting that I have just as much value
as any other human being

And if I trust Jesus
then who am I not to shine?
who am I not to take risks?
who am I not to insist upon the same courtesies
that I bestow upon others?

“Jesus I trust in You”
It’s not what I expected
and it feels so good to come alive

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